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"Build a List of HUNGRY buyers with ZERO effort, ZERO Experience and ZERO money . . .

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From: The Desk of Tasleem Khan

Re: A Proven Way To Build a list of Buyers like no other


You’ve heard it so many times.

If you had a dollar for every time you heard it, you’ll be Sun Bathing in the Bahamas.

Every Marketer and his dog says ‘The Money is in the list’ (or ‘The Money is in the Relationship of Your List’)palm-trees-59_640

Are you sick and tired of everyone telling you,
you need to build a list to make money online? But don’t know HOW!

  • Have you tired building a list with Social media, BUT to NO avail and ended up losing money?
  • Do you want to build a list of buyers who want to buy for you again and again?
  • Do you want to explode your sales and generate more profits with a list that actually opens your emails and buys your offers?

If you have answered, YES!

Then give me, just five minutes of your time and I will reveal how you can STOP struggling, start building a profitable list of buyers and finally make money online NOW. With Auction Traffic, of all things!!!

YES! I know is sounds crazy but I accidently stumbled on this very technique to get me daily buyers on my list.

There literally ARE multiple ways to get subscribers, and all the Guru’s keep telling you it’s THE MOST Important part of your online efforts!

Easy for them to say, when they ADD Buyers DAILY to their lists!Stressed businessman

If ONLY you could find a way to do so too? 😉


IS the LACK of BUYERS on Your List holding you back?

Or worse still . . .

. . . Keeping you in that daily grind of working for someone else and just wishing and hoping YOU TOO could get your hands on a list of Buyers to promote your offers to?

As well as those good quality affiliates offers you’d love to recommend?

I know how You feel!

Please allow me a moment to explain…

I was there not so long ago where you are now.

The daily grind, the daily commute to work, working at a job I hated, the constant arguing with the family, unable to go out with my friends because I couldn’t afford it. But worst of ALL being in massive debt and not having enough money to survive.

Seriously – does it ring any bells with you?

Do you feel the same pain?woman-1006100_640

Have you seen all those success stories and started to doubt yourself?

Just like you, I was struggling for so many years. For over 5 years I tried to make money online, but instead of making money, I kept losing my money, with . . .

  • Facebook Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • Twitter Campaigns
  • Instagram
  • Even Google Ads

I had to make this work! It was on one cold November night, when I couldn't sleep because of the heavy worry and stress weighing on my mind. I turned my computer on and started listing on Auction sites. I had heard and seen people make fast money on Auction sites, so I thought, why not. After a few trials and tribulations . . .

. . . I started seeing money come in to my PayPal account for the very first time. I almost cried. For the first time ever, I wasn’t spending money, I was actually making MONEY!!

And the beauty of it was that I made it WITHOUT getting another job or working more hours or even spending time away from the family. What was so amazing, I had actually made it in my sleep.

I continued with Auction sites and trying to grow my income 

But it STILL wasn’t enough my overdue credit card reminders where coming through thick and fast. I started searching the internet for answers I knew Auction sites was working but I had to find way to make it work better and smarter, in so many categories I could see many sellers, selling the same thing and under cutting each other, just to make a sale. Some sellers offering items for a dollar and then free shipping. How are they making any profit from Auction sites, I thought?

After months of research, investing thousands in other products, I finally stumbled upon  an OLD Secret!

YES – this OLD Secret and a slightly more Modern Twist!

Laptop and dollars. Money taking off from the screenFinally revealed a way, instead of just listing an item on an auction sites and make one sale, I now make multiple sales from each item I sell on any auction site.

With this old secret but with my modern twist, I was able to make more money faster

I started building a list, but not just any list of useless freebie seekers or people who didn’t want to know me, but a list of hungry buyers who want to hear from me again and again and buy my offers.

What's more this is not a list that the Auction site owns, but a list that I own and have total control over. I started to make more money outside of Auction sites, but using Auction sites to build my list of buyers.

The best thing about this OLD SECRET, With it’s Modern Twist is

anyone can do this. Including YOU!

Everyday MILLIONS of people Visit Auction Sites especially eBay!

They go there for ONE reason ONLY to buy things, with credit card in hand. . .

Now you can 'Legally' Steal a percentage of these people to add to your own personal mailing lists and generate an income 'AWAY' from the actual auction site WITHOUT breaking any rules!

Marketers often tell us to 'Go Where The People Are' - So why not check the numbers of them on an auction site. YES - They're there in their MILLIONS!

With Auction List Building Exposed I'll show you EXACTLY HOW I build my mailing list for far LESS than most avenues...

  • No More Wasting Countless dollars on in-effective ads on social media
  • No More giving Google your hard earned cash in the HOPE that someone clicks your tiny text ad.
  • NO More Wasted Hours Creating Videos No One Ever Watches
  • No More Investing in Solo Ads and the like in the Hope of a freebie seeker grabbing your free report and then unsubscribing!

Proof . . .

Now I make sales DAILY on Auction Sites . . .

BUT More IMPORTANTLY I'm Building a List of BUYERS as seen Below . . .

And these buyers are making me COMMISSIONS outside of Auction Sites

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With This System . . .

You’ll be able to:

  • Bank more money each week
  • Buy the things YOU want without feeling guilty
  • Not worry about paying the bills anymore
  • Spend more time with your loved ones
  • Start to live the life you deserve

And you can build YOUR List of buyers just like the Gurus. I’m offering a PROVEN SYSTEM . . .

Auction List Building Exposed, A Proven System. .  . Generates more Buyers, more money with the
Power of Auction Traffic

Here is what you’ll get when you invest TODAY:

A Detailed 66 page eBook

Containing 21 powerful chapters, revealing the exact methods you will use to build a list of daily buyers, without breaking any Auction sites's rules.

The methods outlined in Auction List Building Exposed has been tested and tweaked in my Auction business. I have perfected it, so you can produce the fastest ways to generate money.

Apply the tested and tweaked methods outlined in Auction List Building Exposed to your business to produce a list you will control and make more money from outside of Auction sites.


Check lists to guide your efforts have been provided to ensure that you are able to keep track of your progress. You will not skip a step and leave money on the table when you take the time to print these and complete each one!


This resource guide saves you time and money by instantly knowing where to go and what tools to use to get your business up and running in no time at all.

Audio Book

For your convenience, I have produced 22 MP3 audio files so that you can download them to your computer, iPhone, iPod, Android device or any other MP3 player. So you can discover List building on the go.

Within this Course You’ll Discover:

  • How to build a profitable list quickly
  • How to profit from an underground category on eBay
  • How to quickly pocket more money outside of Auction sites
  • Secret Structure to selling your items so they sell faster making you more money
  • Good Business Practices you need so you don't instantly fail
  • How to easily create your own unique products to sell so you will have zero competition
  • The best Auto Responder to Use so you don't waste time and money choosing the wrong one
  • How to set up your Auto Responder correctly to profit more from each list you create
  • The best affiliate websites to sign up to, to give you the highest possible commissions


There is more!

I truly want you to SUCCEED and make money as quickly and effortlessly as possible. So I have included


5 bonus eBooks you’ll want to use

So you start listing and profiting from TODAY!

This is a Real Turn Key Business!

The beauty of this method it’s scalable, meaning skies the limit in terms of earning potential 

  • You don’t need any online experience
  • You don’t need any techy skills
  • You don’t need your own website
  • You don’t need to drive traffic
  • You don't even need to spend any ad money

Look What Other People Had to Say...

John Thornhill

Hey Tasleem,

Fantastic Job on Auction List Building Exposed!

As it’s such an important part of making a
living online, it’s definitely something we’ll
be recommending.

I’ve actually used this method
(without your ‘Modern Twist’) in my own ebay
sales in the past, and already KNOW how
effective it can be!

You really do cover all the bases with the
22 chapters of detailed instructions & screen

No Stone is left unturned in the training,
So I highly recommend people grab it and put
it to full use!


John Thornhill JohnThornill.com
Randy & Simon

Hi Tasleem,

Re: Auction List Building Exposed.

Just a quick note to say WOW
You went into every detail.

In fact – more than I would have thought
of covering!

You truly do have a ‘Step by Step’ guide that
absolutely ANYONE could and should learn from.

We’ll definitely be recommending this to all
our subscribers :)

Randy & Simon mediakettle.com
Robert Corrigan

Auction List Building Exposed.

I am a big fan of eBay and it is still one of the cornerstones of my business. It’s a sad fact of life that people never make the best of the opportunities that eBay presents to them.

In Auction List Building Exposed Tasleem Khan reveals a very simple business model that not only makes money on the initial sale, BUT also builds you a list of targeted buyers at the same time. Real buyers, not tyre kickers, use this simple to sell much higher priced products to your buyers and it doesn’t have to be eBay products!

In Auction List Building Exposed everything is clearly explained, super simple to do. I recommend Auction List Building Exposed to every eBayer or anyone thinking of starting on eBay!

Robert Corrigan easyauctionincome3.com
George Nieves

Absolutely brilliant.

That is what I have to say about Auction List Building Exposed by Tasleem Khan.

Tasleem constantly displays her eBay expertise. In her first product, she went over her own business & how to sell on eBay the right way.

Now with Auction List Building Exposed, her latest product does exactly as advertised on the tin…this thing will show you how to build an email list of customers.

Getting the initial sale is one thing…Tasleem shows you how to develop life-long customers that you can sell to over & over again.

Bravo Tasleem for a job well done.

George Nieves www.sharemyva.com
Jon Crimes

Who really wants to build a serious money making list?

Well, me for one and I’ve been looking for a new system to make this process quicker and simpler!

Auction List Building Exposed might just be the product that I’ve been looking for and it’s a pleasure to endorse this system and recommend it to newbie marketers and even those who are more experienced. There’s some great list building tactics here which can benefit anyone looking to build a list.

Established internet marketers are going to find real value with this product and newbies are going to say “WOW”, this is perfect for anyone who wants to know how to create an income generating list and wants the whole process explained in manageable easy to follow steps.

Great course Tasleem!!

Jon Crimes www.JonCrimes.com
Jason Atkinson

If you want to build your buyers list without paying for traffic or creating complicated sales funnels then grab Auction list building profits.

With this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything from niche selection, ebook creation and even how to market your ebook on eBay by staying within the rules.

Armed with this guide you will be in the position to start and launch your own online business by learning how to market an ebook that is designed to build you a responsive list fast!

Jason Atkinson www.jason-atkinson.com

Let me be straight with you

There are multiple ways to build a list, as mentioned above I’ve tried so many, you probably have too. But with this method I guarantee you’ll not fail.

It really doesn't matter if you know nothing about Auction sites, nothing about selling, and nothing about online business. I certainly didn't at first!

This system is easy to use, easy to follow and easy to step up. BUT and very BIG BUT . . .

. . .You need the right tools and know-how to make this work for you, this jam packed eBook FULL of actionable steps is ALL the know-how you will ever need to that banking money into your account.

This is Actionable, Doable and Profitable

Let me help you set up your own online business THIS WEEK

With Auction List Building Exposed you’ll have my clear, step-by-step instructions so that there’s no confusion or doubt. This will guide you through the whole process of generating a list and making money. You're going to get checklists, resources, powerful training and much, much more!

To make this method work for you, you need the right tools and techniques that help you stay ahead of the game.  A modern twist to an old secret, this will make list building  effortlessly, painlessly possible!

This course will help save you time and money. I’ve spent a lot of money and countless sleepless nights perfecting what I teach in this course so you can benefit from it with ease.

Auction List Building Exposed is a complete training program that is absolutely packed full of value… and will fast track your route to online success in no time.

We’re NOT talking about an eBook containing out dated, second hand information filled with fluff. This is a step by step course that is jam packed full of BRAND NEW information AND Screen Shots that will help you start building a list of buyers and making money today.

So how much is this life changing offer worth to you?

For this entire package - my whole business handed to you on a plate - The content in this program is easily worth WAY MORE THAN $497.

However, I want to help as many people as possible find the freedom and happiness that I have now found.

So I’m not going to charge $297 even though it could easily sell at this price and still be valuable to you, I am not going to charge $197 or even $97.

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Follow my training, and if at any time during the next 30 days you are not completely blown away by what I teach you, then let me know via my support desk, and I will refund your purchase in full.

My refund policy extends throughout the full length of the course, so you can check out my complete training program completely risk-free.

YES I Want IN Now!

  • YES! Tasleem! I'm ready to start learning how to build a list of Buyes with Auction sites so that I can finally start generating an easy online income!
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Auction List Building Exposed

Are you in or out?

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To Your Success

P.S. If you’ve tried to build a list before and failed then it isn’t your fault. Let me give you this old secret with a modern twist to build a list of hunger buyers so that you can start making money today!

P.P.S. Remember, this isn’t your usual fluff filled eBook. This is a complete step by step home study course that will take you by the hand and guide you to real online income! Don’t hesitate any longer!  Invest today!  Take action and take your first steps towards your profitable new online business!

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